YASHIKI x master-piece 2WAY shoulder bag No.YSK-23SS-MSPC01

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A collaboration bag between knit brand YASHIKI and master-piece. 23SS YASHIKI The knitting pattern is inspired by cherry blossoms in full bloom. The main body is carefully designed and knitted using WHOLEGARMENT® (sewnless knit), and then subjected to Komatsu Matere Co., Ltd.'s unique product dyeing process and special processing technique ``KONBU®'', creating a new texture and surface that has never been seen before. We use materials that have a textured feel. When knitted, it is colorless, but by dyeing it and shrinking it, it becomes a shape that can stand on its own, which is the KONBU process. It is highly colored, lightweight, has a unique texture and three-dimensional feel, and is also water-repellent. Unlike regular knits, WHOLEGARMENT® is made by circular knitting, making it an eco-friendly material with less loss due to cutting, etc., and no waste of raw materials. The included leather is made from high-quality daily steer from North America and is made from 100% tanned eco-leather, so you can enjoy the change over time. The interior drawstring bag is made of lightweight nylon with a special microporous membrane film (Breathatec®, manufactured by Toray Cortex Co., Ltd.) laminated on the back side, making it waterproof with a water pressure resistance of 11,000 mm. This is a 3-way bag that can be used as a shoulder bag or tote bag, and the inner bag drawstring can be removed.

Size W220 H205 d130 (mm)
Weight About 350g

Material material: 50 % polyester, 50 % nylon
Adjunct: ox leather


The garment material of the main body hall is processing the product dyeing. There are individual differences in color, texture and pattern. The leather that is used for the finish is finished with only the dye to use the original texture of leather, so there is some color blur. In addition, it is not possible to avoid color change on the characteristics of the lifting.


The main storage is open and closed by the draw code.

The shoulder strap is removable.

The main body material is woven with WHOLEGARMENT (no stitching).

It has YASHIKI's name on it.