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YOSEMITE STRAP ® × master-Mobile strap strap No. 12430-ys

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A mobile strap for smartphones using a climbing rope based on the color of the master-piece brand master was developed for the collaboration.It is possible to use the double-name, original attachment, to use only the case in which you use the double name.Ropes are capable of being resized by tying.You can wear a keyholder, etc. on the hook part that is provided with the supplied reza.
Size Code: 120 cm
Weight 80 g

High density nylon twill


As for metal parts, there is a possibility of exalting and discoloration of the plating of metal parts in the year of longitude, so please understand the material's characteristics.
It may not be used by the shape of a smart phone case. In the case of soft smartphone and case fitness, an attachment may not be available for use.


Due to safety concerns, the original attachment is designed to tear under excessive stress.

It is a masterpiece's branded color strap design.

Comes with an original attachment that allows you to attach a smartphone.