MASTER-PIECE × Thermo Mug Collaboration Series Master-Piece × Thermo Mug Mobile Tumbler Mini 2

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It is a tumbler that made the TO GO cup design motif. Because the lid is a sealful screw type, it is safe to carry it in a bag. In addition, since a vacuum double structure is adopted, heat does not transmit. I am perfect for myself. The Master-Piece logo is printed on the front. THERMO MUG was born in 2000 as a double -structured kitchen wear brand with stylish design and excellent heat retention and cooling functions. Products that incorporate "18-8 stainless steel" keep "drink" for a long time while keeping the warmth and coldness as it is. The brand concept, "Sensitivity = Sensitivity" and the sophistication of Japan, have been destroyed into new designs, including fashion trends, and are sensitive to various information. The Thermo Mug will not be a kitchen miscellaneous goods, but will color your lifestyle as a fashion item.
Size Capacity: 300ml Diameter: 97mm Height: 138mm
Weight About 260g

Body: 18-8 Stainless steel lid: polypropylene


You cannot freeze the bottle or use it with a microwave oven, a direct fire, or a hot water. Also, do not use as a flash fuel container such as gasoline, or keep fermented foods, carbonated drinks, and food for a long time. Please be careful not to give a strong impact such as falling. Please read the instruction manual before use before use. This item is produced in the Thermo Mug affiliated factory (China).


A sealed type and a mobile tumbler that is safe when carrying drinks.

The Thermo Mug logo is engraved on the lid.

The Master-Piece logo is printed on the front.