Master-Piece x Thermo Mug Collaboration Series Master-Piece x Thermo Mug AllDay No. ALLDAY

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ALDAY, which adopts the highest quality stainless steel SUS316, is a stainless steel bottle that is active in all scenes that support sports drinks. Excellent corrosion -resistant performance makes it hard to get dirt and odor, and is easy to clean. It not only exerts a good heat retention and cooling effect with a vacuum double structure, but also has a lighter and more capacity than before, so you will want to take it out every day. The Master-Piece logo is printed on the front. The Thermo Mug was born in 2000 as a double -structured kitchen wear brand with a stylish design and excellent heat retention and cooling function. Products that incorporate "18-8 stainless steel" keep "drink" for a long time while keeping warmth and coldness. The brand concept, "Sensitivity = Sensitivity" and the sophistication of Japan, are destroyed into new designs, including fashion trends, and are sensitive to various information. The Thermo Mug will not be a kitchen miscellaneous goods, but will color your lifestyle as a fashion item.
Size Capacity: 0.36L Diameter: 66mm Height: 165mm
Weight Approximately 195g

Outside of the main unit: 18-8 stainless steel
Inside body: 18-12-MO stainless steel
Lid / Medium plug: Polypropylene
Packing: Silicone rubber


You cannot freeze the bottle, or use it with microwave oven, direct fire, and hot water. In addition, do not keep the use of gasoline as a fire fuel container, fermented foods, carbonated drinks, and food for a long time. Be careful not to give a strong impact such as falling. Please read the instruction manual before use before use. This item is produced at the Thermo Mug affiliated factory (China).


In addition to the excellent heat retention and cooling effect with a vacuum double structure, the capacity has been increased and the weight is reduced.

The highest quality stainless steel material, SUS316.

The Master-Piece logo is printed on the front.