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Main body material ® It has a strength against friction, tear and sharpening, and the surface is Teflon ® Processing is water repellent and antifouling. It is made of harmless vegetable tannin and vegetable oil, and it is considered that the weight reduction is taken into consideration. The surface of the leather is done by the craftsman or the work of the iron, and the Fink is made of natural gloss. It is easy to use the functional surface of the mesh, and it is easy to use the function of the mesh holder of high quality and the addition of the PC storage sleeve to the tote, and the high quality of the mesh.

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Size W300 H410 D130mm
Weight About 740g

CORDURA ® 610d fabric fir reester 100 % thick with 2.3mm thick Caureza (with heavy tart), NISSENKEN-Ecota stats and 100-certified


In the characteristics of leather materials, the color of some color is not used to be avoided, and the color of the leather is strictly accepted and approved.Also, it is characterized by the characteristics of bare gall, and the color of the sun is changed. The leather is black when it is wet by rain or water, and it must be very careful.


The main storage has a pocket that can store a laptop etc.

The other side has a zippered mesh pocket.

Fastener type storage is attached to the other.

It has pockets on the side.

There is also a pocket on the front.

The howjacket is an iret so that it is easy to hear the incoming sound of the smartphone.

The metal plate name is a detail common to the series.