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A T-shirt that can concentrate Kori, born by Joint Development with Familiar with Household Magnetic Treater "Pip Elekiban". The company's magnetic magnet is mounted on a stretchy T-shirt. Epoch make-made design based on ergonomics with magnetic magnet placed to a place where load is easy to apply. Magnetic magnets are placed a total of 10 centers of the scapula and the spine.
This part is often in contact with the rucksk strap, and it takes more load and it is susceptible to Cory.
Effectively align the magnetic magnet at the point that feels stress, and one more magnet adopts 100 mT (100 millitesla). Improve the mounting site and the blood circulation. This innovative item has also obtained the effectiveness of the effect and has acquired certification as a management medical device. (Medical device certification number 303AGBZX00084000)

A unique pattern that is hard to interfere with the bag to be more longer than you can use T-shirt.
A friction of stitched places and bags with bags. In order to make a long use, a unique pattern is adopted so that this wake does not occur.

A normal T-shirt has a seam along the shoulder line, but the body of this project is slightly rearward its stitch. After reducing the interference with the strap, the sense of discomfort that the shoulder sewing biting is also resolved. Also, points are also arranged slightly longer. Take luggage or get on the bike, and reduce skin exposure due to the preamble attitude.

Stretch is effective and sweat-absorbent quick-drying is high, and uses a well-thick functional material.
In addition to the arrangement of magnetic magnets, patterns for longer use, we also committed to the bass body.

The fabric used is stretching that expands and contracts vertically and absorbs sweat quickly and diverges. And because the bare skin has a moderate thickness that is hard to sheer, coordination is possible with one sheet in the sweaty summer. Promises a comfortable comfortable comfort throughout the year.

S size: height 155-165 cm / chest 88-93 cm

M size: Height 165-175 cm / Chest 93-98 cm

L size: height 175-185 cm / Chest 98-103 cm


Outer fabric: 89% polyester / 11% polyurethane included: polyester 68% / 29% rayon / 3% polyurethane


Specifications, shapes, structures, principles, etc. 1. Configuration body/Insponement document 2. Principles This product is a permanent magnet attached to the back of the underwear, and the permanent magnet acts to treat the affected area to treat it. It is a magnetic magnetic treatment device. 3. Maximum magnetic flux density 100mt (millitesla) Used for use or effect in general households. For use, etc., please read the instructions carefully when using the stiffness of the mounting part and the improvement of blood circulation. Also, check if there are any abnormalities in the device. 1. How to use (1) Use as underwear. Use request 1. Please wear it in the applied size that suits your physique. 2. Do not pull strongly. 3. Do not use the following:・ Do not use for use other than cream, spray, ship, etc. or for use other than the purpose of use. How to clean ・ When washing, please wash your hands in a short time, or in the case of a washing machine, put it in the net and ask in a short time.・ Wash the dark color separately from other items, as there is a risk of discoloration. Please note that it is easy to transfer due to friction. Light -colored ones may be discolored.・ Because there is a risk of transitional color due to sunlight, please turn it over after washing and hang it in the shade.・ Avoid drying tumblers.・ At high temperatures, it may be magnified.・ Please avoid dry cleaning. Please handle it according to the washing display attached to the product of the washing. * It may shrink a little after washing. Precautions for use 1. If you are treating a doctor or the following person, be sure to consult with an expert. (Because the symptoms may worsen) (1) Those with malignant tumors (2) Those with disorders in the heart (3) those who have an unstable period of early pregnancy or immediately after childbirth (4) Advanced peripheral circulation due to diabetes, etc. Those who have perceived impairment due to disability (5) Those who have infectious diseases or wounds on the skin (6) Those who need rest (7) Personal temperature 38 ° C or higher (thermal phase) Example 1. Acute inflammatory symptoms ( Strong time for malaise, chills, blood pressure fluctuations) 2. When you are weak (8) Acute painful disease such as sprains, flesh separation 2. If it does not appear even if used does not appear Please consult with. 3. Please note the following when handling equipment. (1) Do not use at the same time as other treatment devices. (2) Do not use for the head. (3) Do not remodel the equipment. 4. Before using it, be careful of the following: (1) Do not approach those that are affected by magnetism, such as clocks, magnetic cards, floppy disks, etc. (2) If you do not use it for a while, make sure that foreign substances such as metal are not sucked on the surface. 5. Be careful of the following during use. (1) If you feel abnormal in your body, stop using it immediately. (2) If symptoms such as rash, redness, itching, etc. appear on the mounting part, discontinue use immediately. (3) If you receive a magnetic resonance image diagnostic device (MRI), please remove it before the inspection. 6. Please note the following after use and storage. (1) When discarding the device, follow the method of disposal of your municipalities. [Contraindiction / prohibition] If you are using a medical electronic device such as a heart pacemaker or a medical electrical device such as a pressure variable shunt for cerebrospinal fluid, do not use it (there may be malfunction). ) [Storage method and validity period, etc.] 1. Please store children and those who need supervision. [Matters related to maintenance and inspection] When using it, check if there is a foreign substance. Keep the inspection before and after use, and if an abnormality is found in the device, stop using it immediately and contact our customer consultation room.


A total of 10 magnetic magnets are placed, mainly between the scapula and the spine. This part often comes into contact with the backpack strap, which is more loaded and easy to feel stiff.

A total of 10 magnetic magnets are placed, mainly between the scapula and the spine. This part often comes into contact with the backpack strap, which is more loaded and easy to feel stiff.

And because it has a moderate thickness that is hard to transparent, it is possible to coordinate with one piece in sweaty summer. We promise comfortable comfort throughout the year.

France caused by friction between stitching parts and bags. A unique pattern is adopted to prevent this fraying from occurring for a long time. Normal T -shirts have seams along the shoulder line, but the body of this project is placed slightly backwards. The interference with the strap has been reduced to the limit, and the sense of incongruity that the seam allowance bite into the shoulder has also been resolved. The point is that the back body is arranged slightly longer. Reduces skin exposure due to forward bending posture, such as taking luggage or riding a bicycle.

Stretching, sweat -absorbing and quick -drying, and using moderately thick functional materials. We are particular about the arrangement of magnetic magnets, as well as patterns for long -term use, but also the base body. The fabric used is stretched vertically and horizontally, and quickly absorbs sweat and diverges.

A T -shirt that can be intensively care for stiffness, which was born by joint development with Pip Corporation, a familiar magnetic therapy device for home use. It is equipped with a light T -shirt with a lighter and a magnetic magnet of the company. Epock -making design based on anxieties with magnetic magnets placed in places where load is easily applied.