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MASTER-PIECE × CHAORAS Sports Tanugui No.425001

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A brand Charas®, a brand Chaoras®, which challenges the TRADITION & Innovation that matches the goodness of the things created from the traditional Japanese manufacturing with new ideas and challenge the next generation of Tradition & Innovation.
Collaboration bagIt is a 165cm long size model specially produced.

It is a fabric with a stretchy and soft texture woven woven with bamboo roe -yeon (bamboo fiber) and cotton. It dries and can be used immediately.
It is an outstanding touch that is hard to stuffy due to excellent absorbent moisture.

Because it is a long size, it is easy to wrap around the neck, and you can enjoy various uses, such as attaching it to your favorite bag as a shoulder strap.

Size W310 H1650 mm

50%cotton, 50%Bamboo Rayon


Please use after washing for the first time. Due to the characteristics of the fabric, it shrinks a little when washed. Please be careful when handling it as it may discolor. If you leave it wet, you may cry or change colors. Avoid soaking or using a detergent containing bleach.


It is a 55cm longer model compared to the normal sporting (below).