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master-piece x FDMTL Backpack No.FD-FA20MS31

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The main body material is polyester ripstop fabric with less luster to express traditional sashiko, and polyester thread is used, which is stronger than cotton. Each piece is made from FDMTL's original fabric with an embroidery technique that makes it look like thick thread is used with thin thread. The attached material is made of polyester thread that meets CORDURA® brand fabric standards, providing strength against friction, tearing, and fraying, and the surface is treated with Teflon®, making it water repellent and stain resistant. there is. In addition, the outer pockets are made of domestically produced nylon mesh with a firm feel using 210D nylon bright high strength thread. It is possible to set up and use the sacoche (NO.FD-FA20MS32) in the knapsack (No.FD-FA20MS31).
Size W390 H510 D130mm
Weight About 480g.

Polyester 100 % (FDMTL original fabric)
CORDURA ® 610d fabric reistel 100 %
210d Nylon Mesh
JES conformance eco-meloser


The embroidery part of the dough is often embroidered with friction.
The reza, which is used as an adjunct, is served only by dye in order to take advantage of the texture of the Reza, so there are some colored beets.
Also, please accept that the color of change cannot be avoided due to the characteristics of the Raise.