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The body material suppresses glossy to express traditional pulp in polyester lip stop fabric, and uses polyester yarn, which is stronger than cotton. Each one uses a FDMTL original fabric with embroidery technology that looks like a thick thread is used with a thin thread. The attached material uses polyester yarn that meets the Cordura®brand Fabric standard, has strength for friction, tear, slipping, etc., and has Teflon® processing on the surface, so it has water repellency and antifouling properties. I have. In addition, the out pocket uses a firm nylon mesh with a sense of firmness using a 210D nylon bright high power thread. It is possible to set and use sakosh (No.FD-FA20MS32) in the knapsack (No.fd-FA20MS31).
Size W390 H510 D130mm
Weight About 480g

100% polyester (FDMTL original fabric) CORDURA® 610D Fabric Polyester 100% 210D Nylon mesh JES standard certification Econemereser


The embroidery part of the body fabric may be cut off by friction. The leather used for the attached is finished only with dyes to make use of the original texture of the leather, so there is some color blurring. Also, please note that the color is not avoided due to the characteristics of the rising.