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2021SS collaboration with Almostblack. This season, a collection of "I am Still Alive" by ON KAWARA, "I am Still Alive", and designer Nakajima made a message from that time to himself. The backpack front pocket is designed to be attached, and can be removed and used as a bag -in -bag. The front and rear pockets of the shoulder bag can be used as a mini -shoulder bag. The material is Almostblack original 3 layer material, which is a thin but rich material, making it a highly water -repellent material. A design that fuses a large -pins design point by the season theme and the military taste that you are good at.
Size W420 H550 D280mm
Weight About 900g

BLACK body cotton 100% / lining 100% khaki body cotton 55% / nylon 45% / lining 100%


Main storage that opens wide.

You can access the main storage from the upper zipper.

The front has a zipper pocket.

The front pocket can be removed.

It can be used as a pouch while removed.

The zipper has a tape puller.

The front part has a safety pin that is the icon of the 2021SS collection.

Series common name.