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master-piece × ALMOSTBLACK cholderbag No. AMB-20AW-AC13

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Collaboration bag with ALMOSTBLACK.ALMOSTBLACK 2020 is a collection of ALMOSTBLACK 2020 with inspiration from the "Today" series of the "Today" series, which has been inspired by Mr. Kawahara's life in the sun.The graphic on the front of the bag was made by designer Nakajima Shunta in 2006, when he crosses "FLOWER", a "FLOWER", which was sent from artists working together at the time, and "FLOWER", which is used as a motif for each season, with his archive.The original material is the original material of the master-piece, which is based on the cotton-piece material used in the ALMOSTBLACK season's apparel that is based on the cottontzil material, which is based on the fabric of the material.This is a bag that has an impacted graphic impact on an over-as-like bag.
Size W330 H460 (mm)
Weight Approximately 440g

High-density cotton twill (back cutlet BD processing)


The main storage of the main storage system.

There is an open pocket on the back side. In addition, the double names master-piece and ALMOSTBLACK are embroidered.

The buckle can be removed.

The graphic on the front of the bag is based on the "FLOWER" motif that designer Shunta Nakajima received in 2006 from the artist Peter De Potter, with whom he was working, as a graphic motif each season. It's a crossover with his archive works.

The name indicates the current location of designer Shunta Nakajima in 2006, when he was 24 years old and in Antwerp.