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PKS. Wools glovers No. 830001 - ms-m / L

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Master piece (masterpiece) smart phone corresponding gloves. Main body material wool ® The use of the combat wax is made to the palm side, so it is flexible and flexible, and it is a finished finish with high durability.

Can be attached to the bag.
Smart phone.
Snap button.
Size SIZE; M Total length: 24.5, Temarwidth 10 (cm)/L Total 25, Tekko width 10.5 (cm)

CORDURA combat wool / lamb leather


Discoloration may occur due to friction, or discoloration due to direct sunlight or age. If you leave it wet for a long time, it may cause discoloration or deterioration, so be sure to dry it before storing it. Due to the dyeing method of leather, there may be slight color blurring or fading.


Specifications that can be attached to a bag. *Carabiner etc. are not included.

Compatible with smartphones.

A snap button can be removed.

Leather name common to the series.