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Packers Hoody

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Use of a broken cordula fiber mixed with excellent wear resistance. There is no seam to the top of the shoulder because it is the cutting of the free dam sleeve, and the damage to the shoulder is reduced. Since the side lines were excluded, the friction damage due to the unevenness of the sewing fee at the time of wearing a bag is also reduced.

Size: 1 Chest 108 Length 64 Length 86 (cm)

Size: 2 Chest 118 Length 67 Length 95 (cm)

SIZE: 3 chest 127 land length 71 Length 92 (cm)

Size: 4 Chest 138 Length 75 Length 96 (cm)

Cotton 90% Nylon 10%


The fleecy sleeve is good when wearing a bag.

Cordura fiber -mixed fabric that is resistant to rubbing.

It has a brand name.

There is a pocket on the lining.

When you get thicker while moving indoors, you can take it off and hit the bag using a loop on both sides on the back.