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PKS. S / s Pullover No. 828009 MS

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Back to the back to reduce the steaming of the back when wearing. In addition, it absorbs sweat and prevents beige with moisture Max moisture and cool Max mesh. It is a special cutting with the shoulder stitches on the back side to reduce the damage to the fabric around the shoulder when wearing a bag. One wash sun drying processing.

Size: 1 chest 110 feet and 67 doses 22 cm

Size: 2 chest circumference 120 feet 70 feet wide

Size: 3 chest

Size: 4 chest

Model: 18180 cm / W

Wear size


Front land: Cotton 100 %/Liner: polyester100 %


There's a bench-relaxation-to-be-relaxing bench.

The liner is made of Coolmax mesh that absorbs moisture and dries quickly, reducing stuffiness and stickiness.

There is a slit on the hem.

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