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Aquascutum × master-piece Aquascutum shirt No.828007aq1

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master-piece( Masterpiece)Aquascutum × master-pieceaquascutum shirt. The main body material is his carefully selected GIZA cotton. It is the highest quality super-long staple among cottons, and its characteristics include long fiber length and thin fineness, making it flexible even when woven with high density, and it is a material with a fullness. He carefully dyes each raw material one by one, and also uses thren dye for light and medium colors. The dye itself is very expensive, and special dyeing techniques are required for thread dyeing, making thread-dyed thread dye extremely rare both domestically and internationally. In addition, the yarn-dyed chambray creates a unique deep luster, giving it a luxurious finish. In order to make the most of the characteristics of the material, the weaving method does not damage the threads as much as possible, and the fabric is densely woven without any sizing. In the final stage of finishing, a water-repellent finish is applied. Unlike inline shirts, the ventilation part uses the original stitching that is also used on Aquascutum trench coats. The lining is made of mesh with the club check pattern, which is the Aquascutum icon.

Size:2 Width 62 Length 74.8 Shoulder width 50.3 Sleeve length 61(cm)

Size:3 Width 65 Length 77.8 Shoulder width 52.8 Sleeve length 63cm)

Model: H180cm/W70kg

Wearing size: 3


Outer material: GIZA cotton high-density twill (water repellent)
Lining Aquascutum Club Check Mesh