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Cindeenim is used for the main fabric that is highly friction and difficult to fall off. There is no Denim's color transfer when using a bag, and there is a high durability fastness compared to traditional denim. As ventilation is provided in the chest part and the back part, we are securing breathable.


Size: 1 Chest 58 Length 70 Shoulder Width 46 Sleeve Length 59 (cm)

Size: 2 Chest 60 Length 72 Shoulder Width 48 Sleeve Length 61 (CM)

SIZE: 3 Chest 62 Length 74 Shoulder Width 50 Sleeve Length 63 (CM)

Size: 4 Chest 64 Length 76 Shoulder Width 52 Sleeve Length 65 (CM)

Model: H180cm/W70kg

Wear size: 3


Outer fabric: 82% cotton polyester 18% lining: 100% nylon liner: 100% polyester


The chest part has a ventilation that relieves stuffiness.

We have a ventilation on the back that relieves stuffiness.

The lower part of the back is made of highly durable nylon material that reproduced military fabric.

Chest pockets made of nylon material can be stored

A brand tag is attached to the neck