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Rajabrooke × Master piece packet t No. 828004-rb

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Master piece × Master piece pocket T-shirt.It is made of thick cotton that is hard to come out of the market with MVs spun and does not have a smooth feeling, and does not feel transparent. In order to reduce the steaming of the back when wearing a hat, a henchling is provided on the back. Comes with cool Max mesh to absorb sweat and keeps comfortable garment environment. The special cuttink which moved the shoulder seam to the rear side reduces the wearing of the cloth to the shoulder around the shoulder when wearing it. The rajabroke orchid is an ink sublimation transcript transfer. Rajabrooke to interpret various cultures from their own point of view.

Size: 2 length: 69.3: width: 66

Size: 3Length: 72.3 shaku: 69 somen: 58.7 (CM)

Model: 18180 cm / W

Wearing size: 3


Cotton 100% cotton
Lining: 100% polyester


The pattern of the batik pattern of rajabrooke.

Ventilation is placed in the gap between the shoulder blades and hip bones to ensure breathability when wearing a backpack.

The COOLMAX® mesh lining absorbs sweat from the contact surface of the bag and evaporates it through the fabric, making it comfortable to wear.

Rajabrooke × The master piece has the logo name.