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Designed to place ventilation at an effective position when the backpack is backed and mitigate the backup of the back when wearing a bag. Since it adds a cool max mesh and adds a cool max mesh, it absorbs sweat and keeps the environment within a comfortable clothes. The front is a bag for bags so that the bag shoulder and so on.

Size: 1 Chest 110 Length 72 Shoulder Width 45 Sleeve Length 61 (CM)

Size: 2 Chest 120 Length 75 Shoulder Width 49 Sleeve Length 62 (CM)

Size: 3 Chest 130 Length 78 Shoulder Width 53 Sleeve Length 63 (CM)

SIZE: 4 Chest 140 Length 81 Shoulder Width 57 Sleeve Length 64 (CM)


Outer fabric: 90% nylon polyurethane 10%


Because it is a wing button, it reduces stress that straps straps and the like are reduced.

Uses a silicone button that does not damage the fabric.

Ventilation is ensured by placing ventilation between the scapula and hip bones when wearing a backpack.

It is a comfortable comfort because the mesh lining of COOLMAX® sucks sweat with the ground surface with the bag and evaporates through the fabric.