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A Balmachan coat designed to be worn while carrying a backpack. The main fabric has a calm look, but it is made from a blend of cotton and CORDURA nylon, making it a material that is resistant to friction. The attached material, mainly used for the back part, is a breathable and waterproof material with a water pressure resistance of 20,000 mm. This part has been treated with seam tape to make it more water resistant.


Size:1 Chest measurement 118 Length 94 Sleeve length 80.5(cm)

Size:2 Chest 122 Length 97 Sleeve Length 83.5(cm)

Size:3 Chest measurement 126 Length 100 Sleeve length 86.5(cm)

Size:4 Chest 130 Length 103 Sleeve 89.5(cm)

Model: H180cm/W70kg

Wearing size: 4


Location: Cotton: 70 % Nylon 30 % by Nylon 100 % Rainer: Polyester 100 %


The zipper pocket comes with the front parts

When I turn on the front part, I have a fasner pocket.

When you flip up the front part, there is a zipper pocket.

The back material is made of 3-layer nylon with excellent moisture permeability and waterproof properties.

You can extend the width so that you can weave your backpack on your back.

Seam pockets on both sides

Raglan sleeves have a wide range of motion and prevent bag tension from being applied to the seams.

There's a brand tag in the inside pocket.