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Solotex high-density twill is used for the outer material to increase the strength of the fabric, and the areas on the shoulders and back where the bag hits are trimmed with 3-layer fabric. In addition to being durable when wearing the bag, it also uses a laminated material that uses hydrophilic polyurethane in areas that tend to get stuffy, which has higher moisture permeability than conventional products, increasing comfort. The puff (synthetic fiber filling) has a lofty feel, and the lining is made with a material that suppresses the generation of static electricity.

Size:1 Chest measurement 118 Length 67 Sleeve length 65(cm)

Size:2 Chest measurement 126 Length 70 Sleeve length 68(cm)

Size:3 Chest measurement 134 Length 73 Sleeve length 70(cm)

Solotex high density twill


It has been enhanced by the use of wing-and-wing.

It has a double zipper and can be opened and closed from the bottom.

The hood part can be adjusted.

The hem portion is also adjustable.

The sleeve part can be adjusted with a hock.

There is a zipper in the pocket.

Breathable fabric made from hydrophilic polyurethane makes the back area more comfortable than ever when wearing a backpack.

The front reinforcement fabric is loose and has pockets that are easy to use when wearing a backpack, and when wearing a shoulder bag, you can secure it with dot buttons to prevent it from slipping.

The previous stiffness is puffed, and you have a pocket that is easy to use when you wear a backpack, and you can fix it so that it is not marked with a dot button when you wear a shoulder bag.

There is a pocket on the back side of the reinforced fabric.

There is an open pocket inside.

When you get thicker, you can use a loop on both sides of the back side to wrap it up and scratchback to your bag.