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The dough is used on the surface of the Solothex high-density ivile and is trimmed with a 3-layer dough in the portion of the shoulder and back bag. This is also improved by using a more transparent humidification performance, which is more transparent to the durability of the bag when wearing a bag, and is used for the more transparent and humidification performance of laminet processing. Using a puff with a sense of loft (cotton, cotton), the inside of the ground is used to suppress the occurrence of static electricity.

Size: 1 bust and 118 shijo (height): 65 (cm)

Size: 2 Sai (chest) 126, 70 Yukitake (cm), 68 (cm)

Size: 3 Sai (chest) 134 kimono height and 73 take height (cm)

Solotex high density twill


The winged construction increases cold protection.

It has a double zipper and can be opened and closed from the bottom.

The food portion is adjustable.

The hem part can also be adjusted.

The sleeves can be adjusted with hooks.

I have a fastener in my pocket.

It is more comfortable with the steamy texture of the back that is common when the backpack is worn, and is more comfortable with the humidification using polyurethane.

The front reinforcing cloth is made of leather and is easy to use when wearing a backpack, and can be fixed to the shoulder bag when it is not shifted by a dot button.

The front reinforcement fabric is loose and has pockets that are easy to use when wearing a backpack, and when wearing a shoulder bag, you can secure it with dot buttons to prevent it from slipping.

The back of the cloth is pockets.

I have an open pocket on the inside.

When it gets thick while moving indoors, you can take it off and use the loops on both sides of the back to make it smaller and hang it on your bag.