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A fully waterproof waiter that supports a person with a bag such as a fastener on the backpack and a fastener on the shoulder bag or a fastener on the shoulder bag, or a fastener, such as a fastener on the shoulder bag or a shoulder tape, such as a fissure or sleeve opener, such as a deflator or a sleeve opening.

Size: with a width of 128 kimono, 86 shoulder width, 55.5 sleeve height, 62.5 (cm)

Size: 2 ransom 134, 88 shoulder width, 57 sleeve height, 64.5 (cm)

Size: 3 Mini (3 clothing): 58.5 shoulder width and 66.5 (cm) width 58.5

Size: 4 ransom (146) and 146 shoulder width: 68.5 cm (cm)

Outer material: 100% nylon / Mesh part: 100% polyester


It can be worn over the backpack with the extended ditir on the back.

Extended detail on the back allows it to be worn over a backpack.

Flap button formula pocket.

You can squeeze your waist or fix the bag by squeezing the doo code in your pocket.

The inner has a mesh pocket. Full seam taping prevents water from entering through the seams

We use an original 4-layer fabric that has an additional layer added to the regular 3-layer fabric to make it more waterproof. It has a water pressure resistance of over 20,000mm and a moisture permeability of 10,000g/m2/24h, with seam taping for sufficient waterproof performance.

You can access your bag without having to open the front desk when you wear it from top of a body bag.

Adjustable with drawcord.

Adjustable with drawcord.

A flank-button specification is made so that the shoulder tape does not catch.

It uses the detail of the rain return on the front.

Cuffs can be adjusted with buttons.