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There are details on the back that expand when worn over a backpack, a zipper that allows access without taking it off when worn over a shoulder bag, and a flap design and cuffs to prevent the shoulder tape from getting caught. A completely waterproof outer that supports the person carrying the bag.

Size:1 Width 128 Length 86 Shoulder width 55.5 Sleeve length 62.5 (cm)

Size:2 Width 134 Length 88 Shoulder width 57 Sleeve length 64.5(cm)

Size:3 Width 140 Length 90 Shoulder width 58.5 Sleeve length 66.5 (cm)

Size:4 Width 146 Length 92 Shoulder Width 60 Sleeve Length 68.5(cm)

Outer material: 100% nylon / Mesh part: 100% polyester


Extended detail on the back allows it to be worn over a backpack.

It can be worn over the backpack with the extended ditir on the back.

Flap button pocket.

By tightening the drawcord inside the pocket, you can tighten the waist or secure the bag.

The inner has a mesh pocket. Full seam taping prevents water from entering through the seams

We use an original 4-layer fabric that has an additional layer added to the regular 3-layer fabric to make it more waterproof. It has a water pressure resistance of over 20,000mm and a moisture permeability of 10,000g/m2/24h, with seam taping for sufficient waterproof performance.

When worn over a body bag, etc., you can access the bag inside without opening the front.

Coordinating with draw code is possible.

Adjustable with drawcord.

The shoulder tape has a fly button design to prevent it from getting caught.

It uses the detail of the rain return on the front.

Cuffs can be adjusted with buttons.