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master-piece × BE@BRICK 100% & 400% No.791001

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master-piece( Masterpiece)tmaster-piece × BE@BRICKSeries BE@BRICK 100% & 400%.MEDICOMTOY BE @ RBRICK is an artist based in Tokyo who creates works using various techniques such as analog collage, silk screen, illustration, graphics, and semi-3D objects.He commissioned artwork from Kousuke Shimizu. A triple collaboration design with master-piece's standard POTENTIAL NO.o1752-v2 yellow on the back of Kousuke Shimizu's BE @ RBRICK, which has a unique worldview. 100% Bearbrick and his 400% set, in a special box made especially for this item.

Size 100% : H70mm / 400% : H280mm



A set of 100% and 400% Bearbrick. We commissioned artwork from Kousuke Shimizu, a Tokyo-based artist who creates works using a variety of techniques, including analog collage, silkscreen, illustration, graphics, and semi-3D objects.

A triple collaboration with master-piece classic POTENTIAL NO.o1752-v2 Yellow on the back of Kousuke Shimizu's BE@RBRICK, which has a unique worldview.

Comes in a special box specially made for this item.