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MASTER-PIECE × BE @ BRICK 100% & 400%

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Anti he incorporates various methods such as analog collage, silk screen, illustration, graphic, and semi-families from Tokyo to MEDICOMTOY BE @ RBRICK, and he is a strike he asked Kousuke Shimizu. Kousuke Shimizu's unique world view of his BE @ RBRICK on the back of Master-Piece's standard Potential No.O1752-V2 Yellow's Triple collaboration. Beabrick 100% and his 400% set, special boxes that are specifically made for this item.

Size 100% : H70mm / 400% : H280mm



Bearbrick 100% and 400% set. Based in Tokyo, we asked Kousuke SHIMIZU, an artist who creates various techniques such as analog collage, silk screen, illustration, graphics, to semi -standing objects, to artwork.

A triple collaboration with a design that has a classic Master-Piece Potential No.1752-V2 yellow on the back of be@RBRICK with a unique world view of Kousuke Shimizu.

Includes special boxes specially made for this item.