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UMBRELLA Folding Umbrella

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The main body fabric uses a 20D nylon thread that meets the Cordura® Brand Fabric standard, using ultra-thin Cordura® nylon with strength against friction, tearing, cutting, etc., and Bonding the company's light shielding film "HEAT BLOCK". This HeatBlock was 50,000 mm or more with water resistance, 99.99% of the light shielding rate, 99.9% or more of UV shielding rates, 40% heat shielding rate, high-durability (Jungle test 35 days carried out). The frame (umbrella bound) is about 250 g (weight excluding bags), comparable to other companies with a parent bone length of 60 cm and the number of parent bones. Moreover, this lightness is not elsewhere in the model automatic opening and closing (stopped in the middle of the shaft and the time of the shaft) model. Inside the umbrella body, there is a pocket that can store umbrella bags, and the umbrella bag itself can be wide and easy to put an umbrella and it is also possible to attach it to a bag or the like using the attached carabiner. . Master-Piece is realized with high balance of umbrella-luminous functions and collapsible umbrellas that block rain and sunlight.
Size 105cm diameter
Weight Approximately 250g

CORDURA® 20D Fabric nylon 100%(back Heat Block processing)


When opening an umbrella, shake it lightly 2-3 times to relax the dough before opening. If you try to open it forcibly, the fabric will be entangled and cause a fracture. This product has a sharp part. Check the surrounding safety so that you do not hit the people or things around you. For jump -type folding umbrellas, use the umbrella when the umbrella is opened and closed and when the shaft is expanded and contracted. If the hand or bone of this product is broken, stop using it, as it may cause injury or accident. In the case of strong winds, do not use this product because it may be damaged. Please stop using this product other than the original purpose of the umbrella, such as using this product as a stick. This product is not used by attaching it to a device that is fixed to a bicycle or stroller. Never install it, as it may hinder your field of view or cause accidents or damage. Hand cream or sunscreen cream may cause discoloration of the fabric and hand of this product. After use, please dry this product in the shade and dry it. Store in wet may cause rust generation and color transfer of fabric. If you rotate with the handle while the umbrella is open and turn it in reverse quickly, the umbrella will be damaged. * When your child uses it, please use it after the guidance of parents. This item is produced in China.


The Master-Piece logo is printed on the main unit.

The inside of the umbrella body has a pocket that can store umbrella bags.

On the back is the Heat Block of Ambel -shielding film. This HEATBLOCK has created the strongest spec fabric with a water resistance of 10,000 mm or more, a shading rate of 99.99%or more, a UV shield rate of 99.9%or more, a heat shield rate of 40%, and a high durability (jungle test 35 days).

A model automatic opening and closing (stops halfway when the shaft is twisted).

Master-Piece piss name.

The umbrella bag itself is wide and easy to put in an umbrella, and it can be attached to a bag using the attached carabiner.