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CRAZY CREEK x master-piece pop-up shade No.747006

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An exclusive model with master-piece's original camouflage pattern printed on CRAZY CREEK's POP UP SHADE. A pop-up shade for 2 to 3 people that can be easily set up and taken down. The design allows for ventilation on the opposite side of the entrance. The gear loft has accessory compartments on both sides of the inside. The case with the logos of both brands can be carried not only in the hand but also over the shoulder. This is a convenient outdoor item that can be easily used as a sunshade during picnics, day camping, swimming at the beach, pool, sports day, fishing, etc.

Size Size of use: Approximate 200 × 145 + 70cm (previous extension) × 145cm height size: approximately 60 x height, 10 cm
Weight About 2300g

"master" - piece original Kamoflavo, 100 % polyester (Hydraulic hydraulic pressure UPF50 + 50 +) /frame: wire steel


Be sure to set up and take down in a spacious area.
After use, remove water droplets, soil, and other adhesion, and thoroughly dry the tent (especially the back side) before storing it. Leaving it damp or dirty may cause mold or bad odors, deterioration of parts, or discoloration of the fabric. When storing for a long time, carefully remove dirt with a dry, soft cloth or brush. If the stain is severe, use a diluted neutral detergent.
Using organic solvents (thinner, benzine, alcohol, etc.) may damage the fabric. If you feel that the water repellency has decreased, please apply a water repellent treatment using a commercially available water repellent spray.
This product is sensitive to moisture, so please store it in a well-ventilated place. If stored indoors, store with desiccant. However, please be careful not to use products that contain anti-mold or insect repellent ingredients as they may damage the fabric. Do not store in places where it will be exposed to high temperatures such as in direct sunlight. This item is produced at CRAZY CREEK's affiliated factory (China).