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rajabrooke × master-piece 3WAY tote bag No.608301-rb

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master-piece rajabrooke x master-piece tote bag.The main body fabric is an ox weave fabric made of his 600D polyester yarn both vertically and horizontally, and has an inkjet sublimation transfer print of rajabrooke's original graphics, which incorporate Japanese tastes and Southeast Asian culture, and are characterized by bold colors and patterns. Masu. Furthermore, the surface of the fabric is treated with a water-repellent coating to ensure water resistance. The attached fabric uses 66 nylon thread measuring 500D x 840D that meets CORDURA® brand fabric standards, providing strength against friction, tearing, and fraying, and is laminated with a special moisture-permeable waterproof film L-Vent®. We use MASTERTEX-04 nylon, a master-piece original fabric with a 3-layer structure that is processed and laminated with tricot nylon. After applying the PU coating, it is laminated with the breathable waterproof film L-Vent®, making it highly water repellent and waterproof with a water pressure resistance of 20,000 mm. The included leather is waterproof tanned leather, and while retaining the texture of the leather, a reflective sheet is pasted on the surface with a highly adhesive binder to give it retroreflective function, making it safer at night. The shoulder strap is equipped with an original mechanism called “m-strap” that reduces the weight of luggage. This is a collaboration series that incorporates the world view of rajabrooke, which interprets and develops various cultures from a unique perspective, into an item called a bag.
Size W390 H310 D150mm
Weight About 710g.

MASTERTEX-04 (CORDURA ® 500d, 840d fabric 66 Nylon 100 %, waterproof film L-Vent ® Raminet processing) MASTERTEX-07 (CORDURA Ballistic ® 420d fabric nylon 100 % transparent and humidifying film L-Vent ® Laminte processing) Water Rezer/Reflect Cowlaser


If the main body material is left wet for a long time, the film on the back may peel off or deteriorate, so be sure to dry it before storing. Water repellent finishing is a surface treatment, so the effect will fade over time due to friction and other factors. Water repellency will also be lost due to dust and other dirt that adheres to the fabric. Please note that product specifications are subject to change without notice.


It is a main storage that is easy to leave a load.The rear side contains a sleeve pocket to place the pc or tablet.

There is a mesh pocket on the front of the main storage.

The front part has a fastener pocket.

There is also a slash pocket on the back that makes it easy to put in and take out small items.

The shoulder part is removable.

The shoulder strap is equipped with an original mechanism called “m-strap” that reduces the weight of luggage.

The side has a draw holder on the side.

The main storage uses a double zipper.

Leather icons for rajabrooke are available.

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