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SIESTA × master-piece PC sleeve No. 608200-SS

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MasterpieceSIESTA joint development of masterpieceMy PC sleeve.

The "SIESTA" and the "master-piece," a famous shop in San Francisco by skateborad, "SIESTA" and "master-piece," have been co-developed with a personal computer sleeve to send their children to their children's children.

The 13-inch MacBook Pro with a chow, the embroidery, the embroidery and the master of the master-piece, the Yellostitch in the master-piece color, the turf-glypine used in the interior, and the accent of the tin in the interior, are accusting to the accent of the inn. The main material is usually about five times the wear, tear, and durability of the nylon, and the 1680d coate of INVISTA, which uses a squirrel technology, is used in the main material, and uses a highly water-resistant turbodiphosphorus in the back. The reflectted tape, which is distributed to the back of the hassock, is also used to reflect whether the rain is reflected in the flattened surface, and the light source that refracted from the water is reflected. In front of the desk, there is a hensor fastener on the front desk, and a PC three can be used to use the geometry as well as the shape.

SIESTA, master-pieces online store, instantbootleg store, in a limited release.

Size W340 H230 D15mm for macbook pro 13inch
Weight About 400g

CORDURA Ballistic® fabric 1680d nylon


The main storage has enough capacity to fit a 13-inch PC.

The main storage opening has Velcro.

The front part has a pocket for storing small items.

Comes with original embroidered patch.

The embroidered patch is removable.

There is a hook-and-loop fastener on the back of the front tape, making it a PC sleeve that can be used in different shapes.

The reflective tape placed on the back of the bag has a smooth, flat surface covered with a reflective layer, even if moisture from rain or other sources adheres to it, so it can reflect light sources that are refracted by water.