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REMAKE BAG PROJECT "SERBIA" by ink & master-piece No. 608100-INK

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This project is a remake bag project that is completed by aggregating the manufacturing techniques and ideas of the original remake, hand-made technology and master-piece, by dissolving the whole millitary backpack and sparing down the ink-room.
In the back of the backpack, the core material of the urethane is changed into a recycled polyester, RENU ®, and the fabric is reused as long as it can be used for solid use, and parts such as the original corollary are also reused.
The flap is made by using a hand-maid to reproduce the hilt of the ethnic patchwork by using a hand-maid, and to reproduce the hilt of the denim, and to use the ribs of the overall in the 1950s and 60s and then to use two types of the atmosphere.
The flap is not only a reversal, but it can be removed and used as a mini-sholder.It is equipped with an innerbag, which can be used as an eco-bag.The dough is made by a light yarn, 70d yarp, 160d, which is a lightweight nylon with special microporous membrane film (East Recon Techx Breathatec_). With a laminated and tricot, it is equipped with a waterproof function of 8 ,500g/24hr - level, water-resistant, 11,000mm level and water-resistant functions.Flap parts can also be installed in this innerbag, and it is a specs that can be used to enjoy a variety of atmosphere.
Size W330 H350 D130mm
Weight About 540g.

Body: Cotton ox (dead stock), denim (used)
Included: 100% recycled polyester RENU®️
Breathable waterproof 3 layer nylon


Since we use actual "military items" such as used and dead stock, there are individual differences in storage and usage conditions, and the color and specifications may not be exactly the same as the product reference image. In addition, there is dirt, damage, repairs, rust on metal fittings, etc. There are differences in details such as texture, color, and shape of metal fittings depending on the item. Please enjoy the atmosphere of genuine items that do not change over time or become the same.
If you leave it wet for a long time, it may cause discoloration or deterioration, so please be sure to dry it before storing it.
Please note that it is not completely waterproof and cannot prevent water from entering through the zipper or needle holes in the sewn parts.
Please note that product specifications may change without notice.


Large and easy-to-read main storage.

The shoulder bag inside the main storage is ready to be removed.

It can also be divided and stored between the shoulder bag and the back pocket.

It has a convenient pocket to store the tablet.

The cargo pocket is on the front.

The main storage can be opened and closed with a drawcord.

The flap has a master-piece hook crown.

The flap can also be used as a sacoche and is removable.

The flap can be removed using the dot button on the back.

A belt is provided on the side with a bottle of a bottle.