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NANGA × master-piece hand warmer bag No. 608002

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Hands down on the front of the bag to keep it warm by holding your hand in the hand warm pocket.I have a pocket for Cairo, so if you want to warm your finger, you can put it in a cage in Cairo.The main pocket is also equipped with a bottom machine to secure the content of the bag, and the bag is fully equipped with the function as a bag.This is a collaboration series with NANGA, an outdoor brand, that can be used in many different situations, since it is possible to take off on a back loop in a back loop, such as an outdoor chair or a bicycle frame. In the dough, the original NANGA dough, TAKIBI, is used to provide a cottonlight polyester fabric with a combustion material alamide.This is a material that can reduce the hole in the fire, which is the weakness of the chemical fiber. AURORA-TEX ®, a nylon fabric with NANGA's original multi-porous polyurethane-resistant coating process, is used for the accompanying dough.This material is a material that has a high level of waterproofing and a level of humidity with a 200-g/m²/m2/24hrs level of water resistance at a high level, with a high level of solution to the problem that it reduces the humidity of steam.In addition, the down has been used only for the domestic white-duck-down, which has been used only for domestic cleaning, and has increased the temperature of the market.The dividend rate is 80 % Faser 20 % down. On the bottom of the bag, it is used as a material for improved strength by using the 1680d Cordua Balik ® Nylon of INVISTA, which is approximately five times as much as usual wear and tearing and durability, and processing the tail on the back side of the bag.On the back of the hand-warm pockets, we use the "Feeldosensor" S, a stretchnite material with a differentiated DP structure (Differrental Porous: a surface absorbing structure) that is independently developed by Toray.Different special atomic threads are made up of two layers, two layers of different weight, and two layers of different special atom threads.Since it is a structure that moves moisture from the thick capillary space to the thin space, the sweat moisture absorbs the sweat, and the absorbed moisture is easily stretched to the surface of the dough, so it is easy to dissipate and to be exquilated.Even if you sweat in your pockets, you will have to touch the exhilarious touch of your skin and make your mind the heart of your heart.
Size W250 H220 D70mm
Weight About 310g.

Taibbi (polyester, aramid fiber blend) / aura-tex ® Double layer nylon waterproof ® Fabric 1680D nylon / STD (Spanish white duck down) 80-20%


The main material is using a material that is difficult to burn, but it is not an uncombustible material.The heat may burn or melt and open a hole.Please use your precautions with caution when using a fire or a fire powder. As for metal parts, there is a possibility of exalting and discoloration of the plating of metal parts in the year of longitude, so please understand the material's characteristics.


The front of the bag is stuffed with down, and the handwarm pockets keep your hands warm. There is also a pocket for a warmer, so if you want to keep your hands warmer, you can put a warmer in there.

The main storage rear side is equipped with an open pocket.

There is also a pocket for a warmer, so if you want to keep your hands warmer, you can put a warmer in there.

The rear side also has an open pockets.

One touch open buckle.

The shoulder strap can be removed and used as storage by attaching it to a bicycle handle or frame, car headrest, outdoor chair, etc.

Double name specification of NANGA and master-piece.