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KEPT PC case

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The main body material uses a special salt-down processed with 420D nylon oxide. By applying special saltation, the fabric is contracted, the density is increased, and a sense of humidity and a sense of hollar is expressed, and the uneven texture and wrinkles are expressed. The attached material uses approximately 5 times wear, tear strength and durability of nylon, and INVISTA 630D Cordura® nylon. Using 630D strong twisted yarns on the tale yarn, using a shiny six-nylon semidal thread, it is organized so that his two types of threads of vertical or horizontal are different times during staining Is. While maintaining durability, which is a feature of Codura® Nylon, it will be a fabric with an elegant atmosphere by suppressing a modest light. The supplied leather uses a domestic cowletter and puts a waterproofing agent manufactured by "3M" at the stage of tanning and tanning, and the waterproofing agent penetrates to the leather fiber and the water repellent function is attached. It is stronger than surface water repellent, and the effect is also long. Waterproof, oil-liquiding and antifouling leather who passed the "Scotchgard®" monitoring test. As a functional side, the front fastener pocket, which is a common design, is a tool pocket that can store business tools and gadgets, and (except for the tote), in a specification that allows the tablet terminal to be set completely by opening the zippered pocket completely It is. Because all types are independent specifications, it is a series that is suitable for moving in home or cafe and moving within the office, and considering functionality and design tailored to modern workstyles.
Size W355 H255 D40 mm
Weight Approximately 610g

420D Nylon Ox (Special Processing) / CORDURA® Fabric 630D Nylon / Smooth Cow Leather (3M ScotchGARD®)


The nylon material of the main unit may cause a chalk mark when rubbed or scratched. Be careful when storing or using it in a high humidity, as the texture may be softer due to moisture. In addition, since the main unit and the attached nylon material are dyed, there is a possibility that some blurring will appear in the color and texture. The attached leather has some color blurring. Please note that color shifting and transitional colors due to friction cannot be avoided. For metal parts, plating peeling and discoloration will always occur over time, so please understand in advance as a feature of the product.


Main storage fully open. There is a pocket on the back side.

It can be used as a PC stand with the storage completely destroyed.

The front zipper pocket is a tool pocket that can store business tools and gadgets.

By rolling the tip and fastening, it can be used as an iPad stand.

Since all types are independent specifications, it is suitable for teleworking at home or cafe and in the office, and is a series that considers functionality and design tailored to modern work style.

Pis name common to the series.