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The main body uses 110d semi-dull thread for the warp thread and 210d bright thread for the weft thread, and the back of the nylon twill fabric, which has a deep color created by giving it two types of luster, is coated with PVC. We use materials that have been treated with water resistance. Some of the storage parts are adapted from specifications found in military medical pouches, and have adjustable cords to prevent them from being fully opened, making it difficult for items to fall out when opened, and the opening/closing angle can be adjusted to keep contents inside. This makes it easier to check.
In addition, an original tape woven with 38mm wide reflective yarn and a 25mm wide nylon tape are attached like a military bag, making it expandable by attaching bags, etc. This series combines military details with elegant waterproof nylon twill.

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Size W250 H470 D110mm
Weight 800 pieces

Density Nylontungle (PVC Cortinck)


* this product can be dealt with because of the outlet goods.
If the product of the main body of the body is left wet for a long time, please peel off the film on the back or dry, please store it after drying. Since it is not fully waterproof, it is careful to prevent the invasion of water from the needle hole which is divided into the zipper and the sewing part.


Main storage with a wide open and easy appearance.The rear side has a pocket that can contain tablets and laptops.

The coats that can be tuned have been so hard that the baggage will not be able to be flowed in the open when opened, and the open and closing angles have been tuned to make it easier to check the inside.

The side also has a pocket.

The zipper pocket on the back side is convenient for storing valuables etc.

Sholder straps have a nylon tape that can be installed by a key holder, etc.

The upper part of the bag is held with a hand.

The sireese is the name of the reza with a common foil and foil.

Nylon tape is attached like a military bag, making it expandable by attaching bags, etc.