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SLICK 2WAY Bostong Bag No. 55555

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master-piece(masterpiece)The SLICK series is a 2WAY-bostn bag.It is a new, durable, durable material that has been completed by a combination of the 600D holler riester in the body of the dough, and the combination of the resin made by the Italian company with a combination of the Italian reliner, and the Italian ry-in-a-hand-like combination.A good texture, a good texture, has a peculiar texture, and the general cotinck has two to three times the thickness of the dough and the water decomposition and durability, and the surface is less cracked and it is made up of the surface of the material.Also, since it does not use solvents at manufacturing time, it contains VO C (volatile organic compounds), which is the origin of air pollution, and is environmentally friendly to prevent drainage from the plant.The dough is usually about five times as much as a nylon, and the 1680D cote in the INVISTA, which has the strength and tear strength and durability of the INVISTA, is used to improve the strength and waterproofing of using PVC processing on the back side using the listec ® nylon.It is possible to have the coats that have been hassled, or have other hassoks, such as the other hassock.In addition, in addition to the 13 standards of the Japan Leather Technology Association, the adjunct lessee also uses eco-mekaureza, which has been used for harmful substances and hexavalent chromium, in which the human body has been thawed and taffed and has been retuned.
Size W550 H345 D210mm
Weight About 1160g

FORZANO (600D polyester PU coating)/CORDURA Ballistic® fabric 1680d nylon (PVC coating)/JES standard certified eco-numerous leather


The main body fabric has a highly durable PU coating, but the coating may peel off due to rubbing against hard objects. If the nylon material is left wet for a long time, the film on the back may peel off or deteriorate, so be sure to dry it before storing. Please note that it is not completely waterproof and cannot prevent water from entering through the needle holes in the sewn parts. The leather used for the accessories is finished with only dye to bring out the original texture of the leather, so there may be slight color variations. Also, please note that due to the nature of raw materials, discoloration and fading cannot be avoided.


The main storage has a pocket on the back side that can store a laptop or tablet.

There is a mesh pocket on the front side.

There is also a zipper pocket on the front.

There are also pockets on the sides.

There is also a hook pocket on the back side.

The handle can be fastened together with a hook.

The shoulder strap is removable.

The master-piece logo is engraved in the fastener of the Leather.

It is possible to attach another bag etc. to the cord.

The front part has a leather name engraved with the master-piece logo.