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Stream Leather ver. Backpack No.555531-L

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A Master-Piece (Masterpiece) STREAM-L leather Ver series, which features a beautiful streamlined form and a waterproof, oil-proof and antifouling leather called "ScotchGard".
The leather used for the main unit uses a high -quality steer leather from North America.
It has become a practical and sophisticated backpack that has the functionality and modern atmosphere needed in the present age even in business scenes and everyday use.
・ Use a water stop zipper for the top
・ The side pocket can be adjusted with a zipper
・ Keychain etc. can be attached to the loop -shaped tape on the strap.
・ The handle can be put together with a hook
・ Can store 13 -inch MacBookPro
Size W260 H390 D120mm
Weight Approximately 1000g

Steer leather "ScotchGARD®"


The leather has some color blur.
Also, please note that the color cannot be avoided due to the characteristics of the material.


On the back side of the main storage is a PC sleeve that can store 13 inch MacBookPro.

There is a mesh pocket on the front side.

The front part has a zipper pocket.

The front part has a vertical zipper pocket on both sides.

There is also a pocket on the side.

It is possible to adjust the gusset with a zipper according to the amount of luggage.

A key chain can be attached to the loop -shaped tape on the strap.