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Stream 3WAY Briefcase (2 layers)

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The body material is a special moisture moisture-moisture-waterproof film L-vent_, with a high intensity for friction, tear, slipping, etc. by driving 66 nylon threads (bright yarn) of the vertical and horizontal 420D that meets the CORDURA_BRAND FABRIC standard. Mastertex-05 nylon, a 3-layer structure that is laminated and stuck with tricotna iron. Compared to a normal 420D class fabric, the strength is increased because the number of bottle is increased by about 20%. There is a deep luster because it uses 66 nylon bright yarn. The attached leather uses a high -quality steer leather from the North American, puts a 3M hydroof drug in the drum at the tanning stage, and penetrates into the leather. After that, make a base with dyeing and oil. The waterproofness is increased by spraying a waterproofing agent made by the company at the finishing stage. It is a waterproof, oilproof and antifouling leather that passed the monitoring test of "Scotchgard_". The test is done even if the surface is cut, so it does not work.
Size W385 H285 D130(mm)
Weight About 1030g

Mastertex-05 (Cordura_420d 100% nylon 100% moisture-permeable waterproof film L-vent_ Laminated


If you leave the body material for a long time while wet, the film will be peeled off or it will cause deterioration, so be sure to dry it before retaining your focus. The attached leather has some color blurring. Please note that the color cannot be avoided due to the characteristics of the material.


The main storage has a zipper pocket.

The opposite side has a partitioned storage.

There is also a zipper storage on the back side.

There is also a zipper pocket on the front part.

The front part has a vertical zipper pocket on both sides.

A shoulder strap is stored in the back zipper.

The shoulder strap can be removed.

The handle has a hook to put together.