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STREAM 3WAY Briefcase No. 55510

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The "SCOTCHGARD" is a "master-piece" ("master piece") series of STREAM (or masterpiece) series, which depicts a beautiful streamline type.
This is a backpack, briefcase, and shoulder bag 3WAY, which is used in the business scene where the bags are often carried.

-The main material is strong against friction, tearing, and scraping, and the three layer structures that are equipped with waterproofing film are processed in the body, Narfaff, and MASTERTEX-05.
-The notebook PC, etc. can be stored.
-Sholder straps can be removable
The handle can be put together in a hock.
Buck Pack, Briefcase, Sholderbag 3WAY

Size W450 H310 D130 (mm)
Weight About 1100g.

MASTERTEX-05 (CORDURA_420d 100% nylon breathable waterproof film L-Vent_ laminated) steer leather "SCOTCHGARD_"


If you leave the body material for a long period of time, please discontinue the film, so please remove from the product and dry. The included leather has some color blur. In addition, because the characteristic color of the material cannot change color change.