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Quick PAC Packable Backpack

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Both vertical and horizontal yarns are characterized by high-density clear surface senses and elegant Callee tissue. Even if the shape memory polyester is wrinkled, it has a functionality that is hard to stand out by light stretching lightly. The material of the attached part is blended with 4 nylon and 6 nylon 66 nylon and 6 nylon, and it is possible to flatten and stain 1000D nylon yarn with ATY (including air). Volumes and random shadows appear and use fabrics with natural fiber natural fibers. In addition, by coating a 2-fold amount of PU on the back of the fabric, the fabric has a sense of volume about the fabric. The interior is using the original camouflage printed fabric designed with the Japanese archipelago motif. You can use it as a shoulder bag in a packable state, and when the luggage increases, pull out the back fastener and pull out the bag while the bag is open, and it is a series that is ideal for travel and shopping to change and expand each shape.
Size W280/270 H405/165 D155/55 mm
Weight About 390g

75D polyester twill / 1000d nylon ×


The body fabric recovers to some extent even if it becomes wrinkled with a shape memory function, but may not recover completely.


Main storage that opens wide.

There is a pocket on the back side.

There is also a zipper pocket on the front part.

The straps used in the packable state can be stored inside the bag.

It can be used as a shoulder bag in a packable state.

The carabiner can be removed.

A flat weave name common to the series.