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CRESCENT shoulder bag M No.525240

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The main body material is carefully selected from the world, mainly from Africa, mainly from Kip leather, and is used as a raw skin.

To enhance the durability of friction, the base is dyed with a tyco, rubbing the gin with a paper, applying a special binder to the surface, and spraying the binder with spray after drying. We have realized sex.

By applying tanner original coating on the surface, it also has waterproofness, oilproofing, and antifouling effects, making it a tough leather that can be used easily even in various scenes. By embossing a natural grain, it is finished with a depthful expression.

Except for the black, it is finished in a color scheme design, and it is a sling series with a bright impression.

Size W330 H180 D100 mm
Weight Approximately 370g

1.5mm thick cow leather / 1.8mm thick cow leather (vegetable tannin tanning)


There is a possibility that the color individual difference will occur depending on the lot.
Please note that the specifications of the product are subject to change without notice.


A front pocket that is convenient for storing accessories with many accessories.

The main storage can be accessed from the back zipper, and has a convenient pocket for storing small items.

Nume leather is used for accents, and the more you use it, the more you can enjoy your own aging.

Comparison image of each size.