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the lousy of the body of the body is the thickness of the North American bark and then the silver surface is tanned and the silver surface (the leather surface) The layers of the stratum and the lower part of the layer are divided horizontally, and the leather of the lower layer is evenly equal to the thickness of 2mm, and the thints are polite, polite, and they are polite and grained.Since it is thickly in leather, it is not dyed in the core, and it is used to stain it twice in the same way, and it is used to increase the waterproofing by permeating the waterproof agent in the second stain.The adjunct dough is also made by mixing 66 nylons and 6 nylons with two types of yarn, ATY (using a machine to include air in the thread itself). The raw material of the processed 1000d nylon thread is woven, and it is a lamum and a smooth shadow, and natural textiles such as natural fibers have been characterized by the characteristics of the materials, and even the surface is water-mizu-processed.This is a combination of a mixture of plucked water naylons and Sueto, which has a feeling of multicolor color, and an impressive caustic with a more impressive color lime.

Size W240 H170 D55 mm
Weight About 200 grams.

waterproof Coweede 1000d Nylon


The cow suede has color blur. Also, the color shift to the color change and clothes etc.cannot be removed because of the characteristics of the cow suede. Waterproof can be removed from the border of the parts and parts of the sewing machine.


There is an open pocket on the back side of the interior.

Equipped with an eggplant crown on the front pocket. It can be used inside or outside the pocket, so you can hang things you want to see outside or hide things inside that you don't want to see.

There's a big open pockets on the front desk.

If the coronation is stored in the front pocket.

The zipper has a leather pull.

Equipped with a buckle with adjustment function on both sides. It can be used in a variety of ways, such as hanging diagonally or around the waist.

The cord, which is also a design point of the series, also functions as a pocket puller.