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S.W leather key case

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After chrome tanning, the amount of vegetable tannins is re -tanned to have elasticity and stiffness, and the leather itself is made of North American steee leather, which is suitable for embossing. I am. The leather is deepened by applying many layers of luster to emphasize embossing in the finish. The attached leather will be a combination -tanned North American steer leather. By applying a uniformly coated carnaba -based scorched wax to the entire leather, and soaked in wax with a high -temperature press, it expresses a unique glossy and color depth by giving a glossy and burnt -like unevenness on the surface. increase. The zipper uses YKK's Excella.
Size W120 H70 D20mm

North American Steea leather (embossed)


* Because this product is an outlet product, we cannot respond to returned or exchanged. The body material is vulnerable to water, so if water is applied, wipe it off immediately. It may cause the surface to float. Also, please note that color transfer due to some color blur or water wetness is inevitable because the dye is used to use the dye to make the original texture of the leather.


Multiple keys can be stored.

The interior has a pocket that can store cards.

The zipper uses YKK's Excella. The surface is polished, so it features smooth comfort and luster.

A press name common to the series.