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The main body material is kip leather, which is tanned with vegetable tannins to give it durability and elasticity, and is a combination of his two types of leather with different finishing processes. The highly glossy leather is finished with dye only, and then the craftsman uses a puff to apply wax to the surface of each piece of leather by hand to give it an antique finish. Furthermore, by using a hydraulic iron that can apply higher pressure and higher temperatures than usual, a deeper shine is achieved. Leather with a strong matte feel is finished with pigments and then a matte material that suppresses the shine is used to create a rubber-like finish. The same material can be finished to create completely different expressions, and by combining them, you can create contrast and enjoy the switching of linear patterns.
Size W105 H95 D20 mm

Kip leather


Individual wrinkles and scratches may appear in leather. Please be aware that there may be a possibility of color shift or change color due to friction. Please note that this product may become a stain if it is wet to rain or water because of natural leather.


The main compartment has a card slot, bill compartment, and coin purse.

Knock's coins.

A large one side opens, and the card is put into a card with a convenient place to go out.

The card can also be stored on the back of the card.

Fassner uses YKK's EXCELLA.The surface is sharpened, so smooth use is characterized by a glossy light.

Embossed name common to the series.