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JohnBull novott shoulder pouch

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Heritage by art director and toyosuke Adachi × Collaboration series with textile art brand "nowartt". This time, it is the design of the nostaltt original camouflage which was inspired by the vegetative structure of the leaf of the plant. The main body material is an original camouflage printed on the surface of the original camouflage with a printer with a small amount of waste water drainage, and it covers 0.3 mm thick PVC on the surface. It is finished to the texture that made the surface to the fabric by embossing and processing the surface with Matt resin treatment to the finish. The attached leather uses a good steer leather of North America, and it is made of "3M" waterproofing drum in the stage of tanning, penetrates into the core of the leather, dyeing it, and making the base by adding oil. The waterproof material made by the company is sprayed even in the finishing stage to improve waterproofing. Scotchguard ®」 Waterproof oil proof anti fouling leather that passed the monitoring test. It is said that the test is done even if the surface is removed, and the effect is not wiped. Woartt is a stylish series that combines the fabric with smooth waterproof leather that has been processed into the original camouflage pattern.
Size W160 H200 D45 mm

Canvas No. 11 Canvas 0.3mm thick table PVC embos/stealer "SCOTCHGARD ®"


The main part of the material is the characteristic of PVC processing, and the needle in the sewing may be polarized.Understand the characteristics of the materials. Please note that the attached leather may result in a change in color or change color due to friction, etc.


On the back side of the main storage, there is an open pockets.

The front desk also has fastener pockets.

Fastener is unified with BLACK.

The shoulder strap is removable.

The side on the side is the master-piece reserpisName.


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