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NOWARTT West Bag No.525152-P19

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A collaboration series with a textile graphic brand "NOWARTT" incorporating heritage x modern art by art director and designer Toyoki Adachi. This time, it will be a NOWARTT original camouflage designed and inspired by the "veins", a mesh -shaped structure found in plant leaves. The body material is an inkjet printed on the 11 canvas with an inkjet printed on an environment with less sewage drainage, and coated 0.3mm thick PVC on the surface layer. The finish is applied to the surface mat resin treatment and embossed to make the fabric a depth and gives a luxurious texture. The attached leather uses a high -quality steer leather from the North American, and at the tanning stage, a waterproofing agent made by "3M" is used in the drum, penetrates to the leather core, dyed, and contains oil to make a base. At the finishing stage, the waterproofing agent made by the company is sprayed to enhance waterproofness. Waterproof, oil, and antifouling leather that passed the monitoring test of "ScotchGard®". It is said that the test is not effective because the surface is done even if the surface is cut. It is a smart series that combines the fabric that has been processed with the original camouflage pattern and a smooth waterproof leather.
Size W320 H160 D100 mm
Weight Approximately 370g

No. 11 canvas 0.3mm thick table PVC Emboss processing / steer leather "Scotchgard®"


Due to the characteristics of PVC processing, the needle hole in the sewing part may be whitened due to the characteristics of PVC processing. Please understand as the characteristics of the material. Please note that the attached leather may cause color transfer and transitional color due to friction.


There is an open pocket on the main storage back side.

There is a zipper pocket on the back.

The buckle can be opened and closed with one touch.

The zipper is unified by Black.

The side has a Master-Piece leather piss name.