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nowartt 2WAY Briefcase No. 525151-P19

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Art director and designer Adachi designer Toyotsuki's collaboration series with a textile brand "nowartt" incorporating modern art. This time, it is a nowartt original labyrinth designed for inspiration from the "vein" structure, which is a mesh-like structure found in the leaves of plants. The main material is an inkjet of 0.3mm thick PVC on the front layer of the printer, with the original maze on the canvas with the original stray wastewater, and the environmentally friendly environment. The texture is made by adding a mat-resin processing to the surface and making the dough into a texture with a high level of texture by using it to process the dough. The accessorizer is a North American quality steeler, and in the process of tanned it is used to infiltrate "3M" - made waterproof agents into drums, infiltrate them into the wick of the leaser, and containing oil to create a lower ground. Even during the finishing stage, the company has also spray its waterproof agent to enhance its waterproof level.This is the leather of waterproof protection, which has passed the "SCOTCHGARD ®" monitoring test. It is said that the effects of the test are not effective because the test is cut off the surface. It is a series of smart series with a nowartt-original lost texture and a smooth texture and a smooth waterproof reza.
Size W325 H240 D50 mm
Weight About 640 grams

11x canvas 0.3 mm thick PVC embossing / steering leather ®」


Due to the nature of the PVC processing of the main body material, the needle holes in the sewing areas may become white. Please understand this as a characteristic of the material. Please note that the included leather may undergo color migration, discoloration, or fading due to friction, etc.


There is a pocket on the back side of the main storage that can store tablets, etc.

There is also a zipper pocket on the front part.

There is an open pocket on the back side.

The handle part can be fastened with a hook.

The zipper is unified in BLACK.

The shoulder strap is removable.

The side on the side is the master-piece reserpisName.


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