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Legend Long Wallet

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The main body material is made of leather which is tanned with the tangerine type of TAPPI. After tanning, apply the dye and oil to make it natural to produce natural glossy finish. This product is made of leather by applying heat and heat to the finish. The outer leather used in the interior is made of harmful leather (Jes) which contains 13 kinds of standards of Japan Leather Technology Association, and it is made of eco nuki leather tanned with vegetable tannins without any substance harmful to the human body and hexavalent chromium. The original jacquard with master piece logo is used on the lining. It is a series of simple design which makes the name plate made from the same material to the point and used it in the formal scene.

Kipper-mörser (pressed)
JES conformance eco-meloser


Please wipe off immediately if the water is weak on the main body. It will cause the surface to float.
In addition, it is possible to avoid the color transition due to color blurring, water wetting, and so on, making use of the dye to make the original texture.