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In the main material, leather is used in the shape of a keroshibo in the kitchen, which is made up of bezi taburtannin.After the dyeing and oil is added after being tanned, the leather is finished with a leathery luster, and then the leather is put into a soft atmosphere with a strike.The leather is made by passing the oil to the entire leather by giving the iron heat to the finish, and by the final of the keroshibo, the leather is made to hold the leather.The accessors used in the interior are using an echo of the Ecoene Cowlum, which is a toxic substance examination (JES) with 13 criteria from the Japan Leather Technology Association (JES), which is harmful to the human body, without any use, without any use of the substance and the hexage-related eckloser.We use the original "original" card with the "master" - piece logo on the back.This is a simple design series that points to a nameplate made from the same material and can be used in formal scenes in a formal manner.
Size W95 H105 D15 (mm)

Kip numu leather
Jes certification


The main material is weak in moisture, so please wipe it immediately if it is taken with water.It causes the surface to float.
Please be careful not to avoid a change of color due to the use of dye and the texture of the original leather due to the texture of the original leather, so please be careful not to avoid the color shift due to the slight color blis or wet wet.



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