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NOBLE Round Fastener Wallet No.525080

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The main body material uses a leather with a kip leather tanned with vegetable tannins and a square -shaped pressed leather. After tanning, add dyes and oils, finish the leather -like luster, and then hit the leather to create a soft texture. The oil contained by giving heat with an iron to the finish is spread to the leather, and at the end of the square grain type, the leather has a calm atmosphere. The attached leather used in the interior has 13 kinds of harmful substance tests (JES) and harmful to the human body. I use Eco Numekou leather. The lining is an original jacard with a master-pieCe ​​logo. It is a simple design series that can be used in formal scenes with the name plate made of the same material.
Size W195 H103 D20 (mm)

Kip Nume Taezer (Kakushibo -shaped) JES Standard Authentication Eco Nume Terethy


The body material is vulnerable to moisture, so wipe it off immediately if water is applied. It may cause the surface to float.
Also, please note that it is inevitable that color transfer due to slightly color blur or water wet is inevitable because the dye is used to use the dye to use the original texture of the leather.