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master-piece( Masterpiece)fond ofSeries key case.

The main body material is Italian leather, which has a unique suppleness and flexibility. After tanning European hides in chrome, they go through a time-consuming process called double-fatting, which involves adding fat twice, and then finishing with dyes, resulting in a finish that allows you to enjoy the original expression and natural feel of the leather, making it chewy and chewy. It is characterized by a soft touch. The accessory material is made of leather with firm fibers and a fine texture. After chrome tanning the North American hides, we re-tann them using plenty of vegetable tannins to make the leather firmer, more elastic and firm. By applying a mixture of a generous amount of oily wax and a finishing material that creates a matte texture, the leather will become more lustrous over time as you use it. Although it has a simple design that is easy to match with any style, we pay close attention to details such as the raised bead on the edge of the main body. This series takes advantage of the soft leather atmosphere.

Size W100 H50 D20mm
Weight 90g

Italian steer leather / oil matte cow leather


The main body material is a material that takes advantage of the natural expression of dye-finished leather, so there may be wrinkles, blood lines, and uneven dyeing that are inherent to natural leather. Please note that this is a characteristic of the material. Please note that if it gets wet with rain or water, the color may change or fade or stain.
The included leather is a material that easily becomes glossy even when rubbed.
Regarding metal parts, there is a possibility that the plating may peel off or change color over time, so please understand this as a characteristic of the material.


Round zipper type key case with key ring.

There are three eggplant caps, and a Calabina.You can use different keys.

Fastener with MSPC logo.

Series common type push name.


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