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The main material uses a unique characteristic of an Italian reza with a unique characteristic of its own.After making a chromium of European pelts, a dye is made by finishing the process with two resin, which is called "double-fat," and by finishing it with a dye, it is a finishing touch with the expression of the leather or the natural sensation of the leather, which is characterized by a soft touch with a mochi-mochi. The adjunct material uses a fully-texted, fine expression of the facial expression of the texture.After a chromium of the bark of North America is made, the reza is tightened and elasticity and cosy are being made by retracting the bare-taburtannin into the skin. This is a reza that enjoyingly enjoyable change of the aging of the year by filling the mixture with a puffy oil wax and a coarser that produces a mackerie texture. While it is a simple design that is easy to fit in any style, it is attached to the details such as giving the egg to the embodiment on the part of the real body.This is the Sal Leeds that make use of the soft reza atmosphere.
Size W110 H70 D25mm

Italian Steeler/Oil Mat Caurezer


The main body material is a material that takes advantage of the natural expression of dye-finished leather, so there may be wrinkles, blood lines, and uneven dyeing that are inherent to natural leather. Please note that this is a characteristic of the material. Please note that if it gets wet with rain or water, the color may change or fade or stain.
The included leather is a material that easily becomes glossy even when rubbed.
Regarding metal parts, there is a possibility that the plating may peel off or change color over time, so please understand this as a characteristic of the material.


Keycase for round fastener type with keyring, card pocket.

It has four eggplant crowns. It is possible to use various keys.

On the other side is a pocket containing cards.

Pockets are also on the side of the eggplant.

There is an open pocket on the back side.

Fassner uses YKK's EXCELLA.The surface is sharpened, so smooth use is characterized by a glossy light.

Embossed name common to the series.