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Trolley suitcase 75L No.505003

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The main body material is a hard case using polycarbonate mixed resin, which has high physical properties, such as shock resistance, heat resistance, and flame retardancy, and has a shaped chubby that is less noticeable. The main body has a vertical ribs in the vertical direction, and has a role that enhances the strength as well as a stylish appearance. In addition, the upper corner has an integrated molding with a bulge, reducing friction on the body while giving the strength of the body angle. Equipped with the "TSA lock ( *)" approved by the US Transportation Bureau Bureau. Highly durable and small turns made by Hino Honoto Locks Company, ensuring mobility and quietness with a large four -wheeled double wheel. Equipped with a convenient casterstoper on -off function inside the train or on a slope. The carry bar is adjusted in three stages and the handle is made of high grip. The interior is equipped with a cross belt and a partition panel that can be removed. You can use it as a wall pocket when traveling.

* TSA Rock TSA Rock is a rock that was approved and accepted by the US Transportation Security Bureau TSA (Transportation Security Administration). Even in the United States (including Hawaii -Guam), where security checks are the strictest security check, you can leave it to the airline with a key. In order to manufacture and sell products that adopt the key of the TSA lock mechanism, TSA approval and acceptance are required.

Also sold separatelyTrunk beltBy installingYou can protect your luggage from an unexpected opening accident, such as reinforcing your suitcase or suddenly opening.

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Size Overall: W490/H710/D300 mm body: W450/H640/D300 mm
Weight Approximately 5.4kg

Body: Polycarbonate mixed resin / interior: 210d honeycomb lip stop nylon


In this suitcase, the position and balance of the pattern applied to the main unit are not uniform. Please note. Due to the nature of the product, there may be fine scratches, uneven paint, and bubbles.
Cardboard for delivery may have scratches, dirt, or damage. Please note that we cannot accept returns or exchanges by these. When you leave your luggage, turn off the caster stopper. This item will be made in China.
Please note that products are subject to change without notice.


Using a polycarbonate, it realizes a solid body and a strong body.

High durability, small turns and large double wheels to ensure mobility and quietness.

A carry bar that can adjust the length in three stages. The handle adopts parts with a high grip feeling.

Casterstopers can stop the unexpected movement of the suitcase.

It is possible to deposit with the airline while locking on the United States.

The main and side handles will fall down slowly without making a sound with an oil damper equipment.

When placed sideways, it is hard to slip and is equipped with resin and firmly protected the bottom.

You can use it as a wall pocket by removing the partitioning panel of the interior on the trip.

Under the centralized panel, it is equipped with a cross belt that holds the luggage.