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lanyard LIMITED EDITION Shoulder Strap No.44140-CL

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The main body material is polypropylene tape with reflective yarn woven into lines to reflect light from car lights at night. Because polypropylene does not absorb water, it is highly resistant to mold and bacteria, and is lighter than other fibers, and has high elasticity and flexibility. The end of the tape has an eggplant ring, a D ring, and a round carabiner, making it a strap that can be used in a variety of ways by joining it with other items such as pouches and bags. It also has a tape loop on one side, so you can attach small items using a carabiner.

Size W20 H820-1400mm

Reflective yarn woven polypropylene tape


It cannot be used for serious outdoor activities such as mountain climbing or rock climbing. Please note that product specifications may change without notice.


How to open and close the Clipping Buckle
1, Slide it along the slit on the side
2, Slide and pull up